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Backpackers from western countries love to visit Southeast Asia. This is probably because of the bang for the buck adventure offerings of Southeast Asian countries. Note though that even high rollers like to go to these destinations because they can also find luxurious accommodations in all of the Southeast Asian countries. Vietnam is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia. Of course, this is because of the wide array of activities available in the country.

When it comes to the places in Vietnam, it could not be denied that Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most visited places. In 2017 alone, almost 13 million international tourists visited Vietnam. According to a reliable source, 6 million visited Ho Chi Minh City in 2017. You can do the math to find out the percentage of tourists choosing Ho Chi Minh City over other cities in Vietnam. Note that the above-mentioned figure does not include local visitors visiting Ho Chi Minh City.

If you plan to visit Vietnam, then it is best to include Ho Chi Minh City in your plans. However, ensure that you do your homework before flying to Vietnam for you not to miss out on any activities or destinations. Read on to have an idea of some of the things that you can do in Ho Chi Minh City.

Can Gio Day Trip

A day trip to Can Gio is a must if you want to be one with nature. The Can Gio Mangrove Forest is home to approximately 800 different animal species.   Other activities in Can Gio include visiting Monkey Island as well as feeding crocodiles. There is a lot of things to tackle about Can Gio Mangrove Forest that it needs to have its own article. Nonetheless, you should include the Can Gio tour in your Ho Chi Minh City itinerary.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Another one of a kind experience that the Ho Chi Minh City could offer is the Cu Chi Tunnels. Here, you will take a trip down memory lane, as you will have a glimpse of the war strategies of the Vietnamese soldiers back when they were fighting against the Americans.  You can also check out the War Remnants Museum if you want to know more about the war history of the country.

Food Trip

street food cart

If there is one thing that is very interesting about Southeast countries, it is their culinary culture. More often than not, their delicacies include exotic foods. Hence, make sure to taste what the Ho Chi Minh City can offer when it comes to their culinary culture. You can also try their street foods if you want more bizarre types of delicacies.


Your trip in Ho Chi Minh City or Vietnam, in general, will never be complete without visiting their renowned temples. One of the temples located Ho Chi Minh City that you should not miss is the Thien Hau Temple. Other temples include Mariamman Hindu Temple as well as Cao Dai Temple. Do not forget to check out the Giac Lam Pagoda, which is the oldest pagoda in Saigon.