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Escape Winter with A Luxurious Tropical Escape

Winter is here, and for a lot of us, having to layer on clothes before stepping outside is not how we want to start our day. The gloomy, winter sky isn’t helping as well, as if working during these freezing hours isn’t bad enough. If it doesn’t snow where you live, I’d bet it’s still cold or rainy. However, you can escape winter by going on a tropical escape. Here are some tips on how you can have a sunny, relaxing, tropical escape during winter.

boat in Thailand beachFind Your Island

Going on a sunny trip during winter time isn’t easy. Some areas, such as the French Riviera, isn’t much fun to visit even though it’s packed during the summer. All you’ll find there is wind and rain. We recommend finding a tropical island for you to visit, where it won’t rain as much and will still have the sun shining for the most part of the day. The tropical islands in Southeast Asia are best known for their good weather even in the winter season, such as Bali. Try not to travel too close to Christmas time or  New Years, because ticket prices would have gone up as well as hotel prices.

Stay in a Resort or Villa

Forget staying at a regular hotel. Try staying at a resort or villa, which has much more to offer than just your usual buffet breakfast and a city view. When you stay at a resort, they usually have their own private beach and tours. They will also have massage services, and an overall better place to stay if you don’t feel like going out for the day. A villa, on the other hand, would usually have their own swimming pool. It also offers you the luxury of having an entire place to yourself, with a kitchen and living room! You can even stay with more people in a villa, and the cost won’t be too high for each person.

yacht on the seaHave a BOAT Trip

Going on a trip on a boat is like nothing else. If you like snorkeling or diving, there are usually sailing trips for one or two nights that visit perfect snorkeling and diving spots. You can even swim with dolphins and whales on these trips! If you’re not much of a water-activity person, you can have a luxury yacht charter trip. Enjoy a day on a luxurious yacht, sun bathing while sipping on your cocktail of choice.…

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